The idea for donating guitars happened when Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe visited the Fisher House in Honolulu in 2017.

Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital. These homes are located at military and VA medical centers around the world. Fisher Houses have up to 21 suites, with private bedrooms and baths. Families share a common kitchen, laundry facilities, a warm dining room, and an inviting living room.

On their visit, the commander of the local base showed up and asked Thom to perform his hit song “Riding with Private Malone.” Thom was without a guitar that day as he and Coley were on their way to the beach.

Coley and Thom looked at each other and said “Every Fisher House should have a guitar.”

Thom plays a red Taylor 615ce Concert Jumbo. So the couple decided to go with red Taylor 214ce guitars for their donations.  They have a small plaque on them with the name of the person who donated it and a link to the website

As of 11/21/22, 37 Red Guitars have been sponsored, and 15 of them have been delivered to Fsiher Houses in Texas, California and Florida.

Thanks to Mike Fuller at Fuller Guitars in Houston for helping to make this possible, and Kris and Michael McBride from the Lake Conroe TX Parrot Head Club,  “The 5 O’Clock Phlock.”    


Thom says “In 2005 I was going through chemo-therapy. My friend and cowriter of  “I Am A Woman” Mary Sue Englund knew that I wanted a Taylor guitar like hers, so she reached out to a bunch of friends of mine, including Pam Tillis. They all contributed to buy me my guitar. I picked it out on the Taylor website and when I saw the red color, I had to have it.”

So Mary Sue’s act of kindness is now being “paid forward” to anyone staying at a Fisher House that has one of our Red Guitars. 

“We can’t wait to hear how one of our Red Guitars impacts someone’s visit.”  

Thanks for your interest in the Red Guitar Campaign,

Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe Shepherd

Have you had an experience with one of our Red Guitars at a Fisher House? Please tell us your story at


1. The suggested donation for each guitar is $1500. Click the donate button below.

2. Once you have entered your donation amount, you will see a confirmation screen. Just below the amount you are donating, it says “Add A Note” In this section, please give your name or who you would like to say the guitar is from (for example, “The Bohannan Family.”) This will be engraved on a small plaque on the front of the guitar. Next, let us know which location or city you would like to donate it to. If you don’t have a specific one in mind, no worries! We will find a home for it.

3. Complete the transaction. We will send you a confirmation email and keep you up to date on when the guitar is being delivered.

Click the yellow button below to donate a Red Guitar to the Fisher House:



Cedar Creek Parrot Head Club (2 guitars)

The Bohannan Family (2 guitars)

Maria Hartman

Michael Busch (2 guitars)

Tami Hobbs

  Jeff & Holly Terrell

  David Pennybaker

  The 5 O’Clock Phlock – Lake Conroe Parrothead Club

Ron & Cindy Verhei

Lone Star Luau

Real Life Real Music Foundation

Doreen Ledbetter

Richard & PJ Avery

Cathy Santopolo

Steve & Barb Elliott

Mike & Molly Pyle

Steve & Tamara Bryant

Stinky Hoof Ranch – the Perdue Family

MusicFest – Dickson Productions

Seguin, Canyon Lake and San Antonio Parrothead Clubs

Steve & Marny Hann

Jon Bailes

Bob Karwin (2 guitars)

Buddy & Karyn Rousell – Buddy’s Backyard

Mark & Misty Young

Hawk’s Nest House Concert

First Coast Shangri-La House Concert

Joyce & Joe Pagitt

Robert Meche

Colorado Parrot Head Club

Tri Lakes SC Parrot Head Club

Lt. Col. Clyde Croswell

Kevin Melvin

Virtual Parrothead Club – Eric & Gina Babin